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10 paradises of the world to go of enotourism

Wine tourism is a fun and new way to visit interesting places. In addition, we hope that wine and vineyard enthusiasts will increasingly follow this wine tourism.

10 essential destinations to enjoy wine and vineyards

Below we detail several places to carry out this type of tourism both in Europe and outside.

Wine tourism in Europe

We begin by inviting you to discover our town, Villarrubia de los Ojos (Ciudad Real, Spain). It is a wine-producing place par excellence, where vines are grown in most of its lands, thanks to its especially suitable characteristics; and its microclimates. It is the only area in Spain that has three different microclimates.

On the one hand we find high altitude vineyards in the Sierra Calderina and Sierra de Villarrubia, belonging to the foothills of the Montes de Toledo. This is an area of stony terrain that gives us concentrated wines with a high alcoholic content, ideal for crianza wines.
There is also the wetlands area, next to the Tablas de Daimiel and Villarrubia National Park, where we obtain wines with a lower alcohol content and good acidity, which makes them ideal for obtaining young, fruity wines.
Finally, we have the La Mancha plain with mainly sandy loam soils, where balanced and aromatic wines are obtained.

You can also see from hundred-year-old vineyards to vineyards planted with the latest techniques. The climate of this area also allows us to obtain harvests with very little or no treatment
phytosanitary, most of them are considered zero residue wines.

Thanks to all this, in Villarrubia de los Ojos we can obtain a wine of excellent quality.

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First of all, it is essential that you get to know the Loire Valley along with its castles and vineyards. This region, besides having impressive landscapes, enjoys great popularity for being the creator of some of the best white wines on the market, such as sauvignon blanc, Sancerre and Muscadet.

Continuing on the European continent, we must also highlight the Douro Valley in Portugal, which has the oldest wine appellation of origin in the world. Its vineyards are characterized by growing on hills sculpted in terrazzo and this is how the well-known Port wine is produced. It is one of the most special visits for the tradition and originality in the cultivation of the vine.

Italy is another of the countries with the greatest winemaking tradition in Europe. On the one hand, you will find Tuscany, with more than 36 denominations of origin and which has been perfectly prepared for a long time so that you can visit its wineries and tastings.

In this country you can also enjoy Piedmont, characterized by a very interesting mountainous orography and by the elaboration of wines as special as Barolo (which uses a grape typical of the area), Moscato d’Astiun or Barbaresco.

Croatia also has a very special area called Istria, with a perfect climate for grape ripening. You can complement this visit with other wine tourism experiences in Split and Dubrovnik.

Burgenland, in Austria, is an area committed to contemporary architecture, something that can be appreciated in its wineries. White and sweet wines are grown there. It also stands out for its committed winegrowers. In fact, some of the greatest eminences have decided to use this area for their wines.

Wine tourism destinations outside Europe

Another favorite place for wine lovers is the Napa Valley. This Californian region is well known for its winemaking tradition, as evidenced by more than 450 wineries that are visited by more than four million tourists each year. In them, you will be able to taste some of their wines, such as the pinot noir grape or the chardonnay.

If we go to the Australian continent, Margaret River is undoubtedly the place of reference. In this area there are more than 120 wineries that produce wines of many varieties, among which the following stand out: cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, semillón, shiraz and merlot.

In New Zealand, Hawke Bay is close to this place. This is a region that has about 70 wineries that produce red wines. Its owners are usually small families and more and more are focusing their business on wine tourism, although from a more intimate point of view, so the experience is totally select and special.

One of the most curious places to visit is undoubtedly the Stellenbosch route in South Africa. This region is world-renowned and produces famous wines thanks to its Mediterranean climate. However, the landscapes are completely different from those we are used to in other areas.

We hope to have summarized with this article the best places outside of Spain for wine lovers that can serve as inspiration. Wine tourism is one of the growing trends and in the Grupo Vidasol we want you to experience it first hand. contact us for more information!