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What to consider when hiring a winemaker for your winery

All the processes to obtain a good wine, the techniques of cultivation and elaboration, its later conservation… are basic tasks in a winery. Therefore, if you are going to hire an winemaker, you must make sure that the person is well-prepared, and knows the wine production process from the growing of the grapes until the bottle reaches our tables.


Different winemaker professionals

Let’s see, first, the training aspect of this expert. Article 102 of Law 50/98 differentiates between the specialities of oenology.

The wine specialist

The winemaker must have a degree in oenology. Only in this way will you know that that person has mastered the methods and techniques of growing vines; making wines, musts and other derivatives of the vine; analyzing the products produced and their storage, management and conservation. These studies also enable you to carry out activities related to the technical-sanitary conditions of wine. On the other hand, the expert must know the legislation related to oenology. Finally, he will also have knowledge of the research and innovation activities included in the field of viticulture and oenology.

The specialist wine technician

It may be enough for your winery to hire a specialist wine technician. Afterwards, you should make sure that he has the title of Higher Technician in the Food Industry or the title of Specialist Technician in Viticulture and Wine Technology, which are vocational training studies. In this case, that the person will have a slightly lower level of knowledge than the graduate. However, you will have the capacity and responsibility for grape production, quality control and the preparation, elaboration and manufacture of wines, musts and other derivatives of the vine. You will know the techniques and procedures related to these activities.

The technician of making wine

This type of technician can also be interesting for your business. The technician in wine production holds the title of Technician in Production of Wines and other Drinks, also of Professional Training. In this case, that person carries out more technical activities, such as taking charge of the production, breeding and packaging of wines and other beverages under the conditions established in the procedure and quality manuals. The person also has to know how to operate the corresponding machinery and equipment, as well as carry out its first level maintenance.

What to do and how in order to be a good taster?

We will focus on the winemakers, since they are the ones who have the most advanced knowledge.

Competences applied in the winery

Firstly, you must make sure that the winemaker will know how to carry out the following tasks, which are thier responsibility in a winery:

– He must know and be technically responsible for the entire process, from choosing the type of vineyard to be planted to its cultivation, management and harvest.

– He must know what affects the quality of the wine in order to know the problems that may occur and how to obtain the best quality wine possible.

– He has to understand how the marketing of wines and related products works.

– He manages and controls the quality of the wine and related products of the winery.

Characteristics of a good wine expert

These are the personal qualities you will recognize in a good wine taster:

– Motivation to get a quality wine. Ability to adapt to new situations and creativity.

– Must be able to manage technical and complex projects. And also to face complex problems that can sometimes occur in the production and obtaining of wine.

– Must know how to innovate, but using critical, logical and creative thinking.

You see? Being a good winemaker is not easy. We hope that with these criteria you will be able to choose the most professional one and, if you still have doubts, contact our wineries!