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The Tempranillo variety is one of the most important autochthonous vine varieties in Spain cultivated since always in La Rioja, although it has spread throughout the country. Authorized in 38 appellations of origin of our country and considered as a preferential variety in 14 of them.

In Spain there are more than 200,000 hectares planted (2007) of the Tempranillo grape. It is the second most planted variety in our country after the Airén, and the first in inks.

Tempranillo grapes are also known as: Cencibel, early, fine red, fine ink, tinta de Toro, Country ink, Ull de llebre, Tinto Roriz in Portugal, Primerenc, Aranda, Argand, Chinchilla, Marinera, Santa Ana, Santiaguera, Ullada.

Its juice is of intense red color, wine and with a very low acidity, with few tannins and therefore a base of soft, light but very aromatic reds.

with Limited productions, through viticulture techniques, the Tempranillo variety gives low-acidity grapes.

high yields may result in a short color.

It is used, among other things, for the elaboration of young wines, Crianza wines… Nowadays, it is used in many types of winemaking.

gives very fruity wines with carbonic maceration. It strengthens its value by being raised in casks, with excellent results.

ripe vintages give excellent wines to grow old.

– The Tempranillo grape is very well complemented by varieties such as Cabernet SauvignonMerlot o Uva Garnacha Tinta.