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Our wineries

As a winery it has been working since 1954, with many years of experience and specialized in the elaborationof quality wines, especiliced and adapted to the European wine export market.

The winery is equipped with a pneumatic press system that allows us to obtain a high quality must.

– Cencibel tanto tinto como rosado, Syrah tinto, Garnacha, Garnacha tintorera, Red Aragon, Cabernet Suvignon, and on the side of the white varieties we have Verdejo, Macabeo and Airen.

Various types of wine are made with these varieties.

-Tinto Cencibel, Tinto Garnacha, Tinto Syrah. -Rosado Cencibel -Blanco Verdejo. Blanco Airén

EL PROGRESO is Spain’s oldest wine cooperative with uninterrupted activity since its inception.

It was founded in 1917, specifically on March 3, thanks to the commitment of a small group of farmers concerned about the lack of fair opportunities to develop and market their fruits.

At that time it was established as an agricultural union and it was a dignified departure to the hard work of some farmers who were often tied up with feet and hands to get a fair value for their work.

The group of founding partners was growing and the cooperative was getting better results.

Thus, after 50 years of activity, in the year 1967, the progress faced a great change that led it to become in one of the largest companies of its time: The merger with two other existing agricultural cooperative societies in Villarrubia (La Manchega and La Labradora).

“Los Pozos de Daimiel”  is made up of 126 farmers in the region with feelings deeply rooted in their land, and a spirit of care and mime of one’s own. The “know how” of the company comes from the agricultural tradition and the attachment of wine-growers Daimieleños for their land. This, coupled with the extraordinary climatic conditions of the place and the excellent treatment given to the grape, result in an exceptional product.

The human factor of our winery is reinforced with a team of professionals and technicians, committed to the projects of the same. We have a prestigious winemaker with more than 30 years of professional experience in the denomination of origin “La Mancha”.

Our cooperative comes from the merger of the cooperative San Isidro Labrador and Wine Bolañega.

It has 867 partners between the two sections (Bodega and Mill).

Since its foundation, improvements have been made to improve the quality of wine-making processes and oil for further marketing.

Although almost all production is sold in bulk, each year we increase the percentage of sales of bottled products.

The cooperative sells bottled wines under the brand name “Doña Berengaria” in their varieties Airen, Macabeo-Verdejo, Syrach y Cencibel.