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What can’t you miss in your wine shop?

Wine is a drink that never goes out of fashion and, year after year, continues to break its own records. However, if you are the lucky owner of one of the many wine shops in the country, you may have overlooked a number of factors that are essential to the success of your business.

The importance of wine tourism

Anyone who enters your establishment does so either to buy a wine or to get advice on a particular one. This way of thinking is right, but what about the tourists who visit your city? Selling them the best is an alternative, although perhaps it would be more appropriate to let them know how the best wines in the area are made.

Walking around the vineyards, observing the process of extracting the must and even tasting it at harvest time are irrefutable options for wine lovers. Remember to always be in touch with a nearby winery to offer this alternative.

A wide variety of wines

Although it is understood that the wines of the closest denomination of origin must be the protagonists, there is no reason to limit oneself to always offering the same. Including the most suitable references from other areas of the country and even from other nationalities is a great way to expand your catalogue and satisfy your customers.

Vegan wine

This type is clarified with proteins extracted from cereals and vegetables. Its inclusion in your commercial offer can be a perfect option to turn your store into a meeting point for vegetarians living in your town and nearby cities.

And also ecological

As in the previous case, customers concerned about sustainability are always on the rise. This type of broth has a more fruity taste that can also conquer the usual lovers of this drink. Why don’t you go add it to your catalogue?


It is so common to sell only this drink that you may not have realized your mistake. Why do your customers have to go to a hardware store to buy an opener or any other type of accessory? Wouldn’t it be more logical to sell the whole range of products needed to open a bottle or for its proper preservation?

Likewise, it would also be appropriate for you to have on sale different guides with the best wines, specialized books and specific magazines. The inclusion of audiovisual material is also an option to take into account.


You have the best space to make the most of it. Organize tastings, wine presentations, samplings, food and wine pairing workshops and everything related to your business activity. Don’t limit yourself to selling, also bet on creating the necessary atmosphere to enjoy to the maximum the characteristics of such an important drink.

Likewise, don’t stop using your social networks as a platform to reach more people, thus confirming your interest in specializing as much as possible. Everything is to please any customer who enters your business.

And as a common denominator of the above you must have the support of a winery with experience in the sector that fits your needs. By combining quality with variety it is possible to always satisfy your potential clientele.

Contact Grupo Vidasol we are experts in wine. We will offer you our wide range of services so that your wine shop becomes the best in your city. Make your business a dream come true and do not hesitate to count on our continuous support to achieve your goals more easily.